Posted on 28th May 2021
Category: News

Innovate UK have produced the latest international opportunities bulletin on the products, technologies and services.

Russian engineering and manufacturing company offers services for the construction of various industrial facilities

BORU20210511004 | RUSSIA
The Russian company is located in the city of Moscow. At the moment, the engineering and production company is engaged in construction with its many areas, modern technologies and the ability to implement the most complex and large-scale pr…

Bulgarian manufacturer of PVC and aluminium products is looking for distribution and manufacturing agreements and it offers opportunities for subcontracting

BOBG20210427001 | BULGARIA
The Bulgarian company has more than 18 years of activity in the doors and windows industry and is currently searching to expand its partnerships. The manufacturer is focused on developing new markets in cooperation with business partners in…

New compact electromechanical actuator

TOIT20210519001 | ITALY
The Italian development team, with experience in biomedical engineering and electromechanical actuators proposes an innovative electromechanical actuator, the process to make it and possible strategies to commercially spread the product on…

Looking for partners in Germany, Italy, United Kingdom and Singapore to develop new applications of algal pigments in food and cosmetics

The Dutch company produces micro algae and extracts high value components like the pigments astaxanthin, fycocyanin and fucoxanthin. These natural pigments can replace synthetic colorants and have many proven health effects. Challenge is to…

Added-value formulations and innovative technologies to improve the manufacturing process of spreads and pâtés

TRES20210525001 | SPAIN
A Spanish company founded in 2007 has large experience in the formulation, elaboration and commercialisation of high quality pâtés and spreads creams of different flavors. They prepare their products from excellent raw materials such as m…

A Korean company developed an electrolyzed sterilizing water generator, using hypochlorous acid, and is looking for facilities in need of good hygiene to conclude commercial agency, distribution services, manufacturing or outsourcing agreements.

BOKR20210216002 | SOUTH KOREA
In human history, there have been several serious epidemics that jeopardized many lives and the COVID-19 is the current global crisis that needs to be overcome. These epidemics and pandemics are mainly caused by viruses living in every part…

A company located in South West Poland develops artificial intelligence for industrial manufacturing processes, warehousing optimization, automatization enhancements (computer vision, smart algorithms) looks for subcontracting or outsourcing agreements

BOPL20210511001 | POLAND
The Polish company develops software using artificial intelligence for manufacturing and warehouse. Among the offered services, there is an audit of the potential, on the basis of which the services are adjusted to the technological readine…

Technical hardware, software and/or commercial agency partners sought for the development of an electronic mini tablet and mobile phone docking station for sports referees, to replace the traditional red and yellow cards, pen, and notebook method.

A UK-based start-up with the owners having over 20 years of business experience, has embarked on an evolutionary first-time emerged field of an electronic mini tablet for football referees.This product will be designed to imitate the red…

Russian producer of antimalarial medicines based on artemisinin seeks distributors and partners for joint venture agreements

BORU20210205001 | RUSSIA
The company from Novosibirsk was founded in 2019. The company specializes in the production of antimalarial medicines based on artemisinin.

The company manufactures pharmaceutical components for antimalarial medicines including:

Company from the southwest of Poland is offering custom-made innovative high-end software and hardware solutions and looking for cooperation under subcontracting or manufacturing agreements

BOPL20210429004 | POLAND
This SME from South-West Poland operates on the market of software and hardware solutions and has been carrying various high-tech projects for over 20 years. Typically projects consisting of custom-made electronics and software, the realis…

A Turkish company that produces decorative plastic profiles and parts offers distribution services or manufacturing agreements

BOTR20210422002 | TURKEY
The company was established in 2003, Kayseri/Turkey and has been operating in the relevant sector since then. The company is located in Mimarsinan Industrial Zone in Kayseri/Turkey 6.000m2 building area, totally 20.000m2 area.

Personal decision support system for heart failure management

TOSI20210524001 | SLOVENIA
Congestive heart failure (CHF) is a serious disease that requires complex management involving multiple medications, exercise, and lifestyle changes. It mainly affects older patients, many of whom also have depression and anxiety, so they f…

A Dutch corporate brand of fair-trade chocolate bars is searching for a new sustainable and sturdy paper packaging for their chocolate bars

The Dutch company is a leader in fair-trade chocolate in the Netherlands. Their main concern is the welfare of the cocoa farmers and their families, which goes hand in hand with being aware of the need to protect the environment. They belie..

An Italian company, which manufactures water radiators ideal for cooling endothermic engines, offers commercial agency agreements in Europe

BOIT20210510003 | ITALY
This company was established in 1974 in Northern Italy thanks to the pioneering past of the business partners, formed by generations of radiatorists belonging to the same family. The experience, the deep knowledge of radiators and the syner…

A Spanish company is looking for health institutions interested in acquiring a license to use a software developed for the integral management and decision-making support of surgical processes in hospitals

TOES20210503001 | SPAIN
A Spanish software company has developed an innovative technology that provides an integral solution to the surgical block management to support decision-making processes and the integration and analysis of biomedical parameters, as well as…

Partner sought to test new technology for bio-remediation of soils contaminated by hydrocarbons

TRES20210507001 | SPAIN
Biopile treatment is a full-scale technology in which excavated soils are mixed with soil amendments and placed on a treatment area. Its operational duration and maintenance is considered as short-term, lasting a few weeks to several months…

Ukrainian manufacturer of cosmetics for animals is looking for distributors and commercial agents

BOUA20210506001 | UKRAINE
Ukrainian company was founded first as a family business, to produce safe and natural cosmetics for all family. As for now all products for animals has a strong position on the market and are in high demand among pet owners due to its’ sulf…