Posted on 28th June 2021
Category: News

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Bulgarian producer of thermoplastic and thermoset parts and tools is offering subcontracting and manufacturing agreement

BOBG20210427003 | BULGARIA
The Bulgarian manufacture is specialized in production of thermoplastic and thermoset parts, tool design, manufacture and repair. The plastics manufacturing facility is supported by the injection moulding industry by employing a local team…

A Ukrainian university offers technology for multilayer functional coatings deposition

TOUA20210617001 | UKRAINE
Multilayer coatings are actual topic due to need to increase the service life of products by improving anti-corrosion and mechanical protection of their surface, as well as the mechanical strength of coatings with a hierarchically developed…

Russian dynamic gravity separator manufacturing company seeks international licensees, distributors and partners for a joint venture

BORU20210513006 | RUSSIA
The Russian company from Kazan was founded in 2016 and specialises in gravity-dynamic separators for separating emulsions. The separation equipment implements the principle of dynamic fluid filtration, with the emulsion components themselve…

Qatari manufacturer of high performance fire, bullet, blast and security glazing products is looking for distributors and trade agents

BOQA20210603003 | QATAR
This Qatar company is a multinational, family run organization that was established in 2013 with in response to growing market demands for high-end European aluminium, steel glazing products in the Middle East, Africa and South East Asian r…

Qatari service aggregator platform is looking for partner under joint venture agreement or license agreement.

BOQA20210603001 | QATAR
This Qatari company is a service aggregator platform, giving an end-to-end solution for consumers to get connected to a reliable service provider around them in less than 60 seconds. The company’s technology offers a seamless process for…

Dutch designer is looking for partners in Europe to manufacture a wooden educational box.

The Dutch brand was developed in 2008 by a graduated designer, who wanted to design an educational product for the children in the age group of 6 – 10 years. The product is designed in the Netherlands and a producer is sought in Europe fo…

A Lithuanian gourmet store is looking for suppliers of healthy and gourmet food products

BRLT20210616001 | LITHUANIA
The Lithuanian gourmet products store, active in the market since 2019, is specialized in selling high-quality gourmet food. The product variety consists of cold-pressed crude olive oil, gourmet and healthy snacks, pate, cheese, spices, lyo…

French SME specialized in bioremediation is looking for partners working with radionuclides for research cooperation agreement

TOFR20210616001 | FRANCE
Created in 1979 in south of France, the french SME is a company specialized in biotechnologies.

innovative molecules screening and purification,biological products development and making,biological processes creation, develop…

Microorganisms for the degradation of Bisphenol (BPA) for the production of probiotic foods and/or plant probiotics for its addition to phytosanitary compositions

TOES20210616001 | SPAIN
Bisphenol A (BPA) is a chemical compound that is used since the 1950s to produce strong and resilient plastics. These days, BPA-containing plastics are commonly used in food containers, baby bottles, and other items. The pervasiveness of th…

Bulgarian company specialized in metal forming solutions is interested in manufacturing or subcontracting agreements

BOBG20210528002 | BULGARIA
The Bulgarian company produces details and parts of different complexity in single and serial pieces. Their company’s team is specialized in working with their high-tech machines with digital program control and possibility for high product…

Turkish manufacturer of steel doors, fire doors, villa doors offers a commercial agency or distribution services agreement

BOTR20210527001 | TURKEY
The Turkish company was established in 2017 in Kayseri/Turkey Industrial Zone on the production of steel doors. Today, it produces villa doors, building entrance doors, fire exit doors, and security doors. Specially designed production is a…

Armenian producer of silver jewelry, souvenirs and tableware is looking for partners under a distribution services agreement.

BOAM20210513001 | ARMENIA
This Armenian company was established in 2019. It’s a family business of Syrian-Armenian refugees with long years of experience in golden and silver jewelry, souvenirs and tableware production in Syria. The company offers a wide range of…

A Qatari manufacturer of sanitary napkins, baby diapers, adult diapers looks for distributors or wholesalers

BOQA20210603004 | QATAR
This Qatari company is a newly established company with the objective of providing world-class hygiene products to the consumers. Their baby care products are especially designed for different age group of babies.
The company is manufactur…

Moldovan producer of chocolate-coated dried fruits is looking for distributors

BOMD20210623001 | MOLDOVA
The history of the Company begins in 2000. The main activity of the company is fruit dehydration and glazing. Since its foundation, the company decided to come up with high-quality products on the market and created new brands which strive…

UK designers and manufacturers of high end men’s & ladies corporate wear are seeking agents and/or distributors

North of England family-owned business who are designers and manufacturers of UK men’s and ladies clothing, who have been trading for more than 40 years. They have become synonymous for both quality of service and garments.
They have a Eur…

Turkish manufacturer of autonomous mobile robots offers acquisition or distribution services agreement

BOTR20210521003 | TURKEY
The Turkish company has started its activities on self-driving projects in 2010 and increased in line with the developments related to Industry 4.0, and the company’s incorporation. Since the day it was founded, the company has started to d…

Qatari manufacturer of aluminium composite panels and coated aluminium coils is looking for distributors and trade agents

BOQA20210603002 | QATAR
This Qatar company is member of a group operating in the industry. They are committed to adapt changes in technology, vision, participation etc. in time; with an aspiration and longing to provide quality products and services. Direction and…

A Turkish company that produces IoT devices and smart software that provides energy and water efficiency is looking for a distribution services agreement

BOTR20210415002 | TURKEY
The company was established in 2012 in Kayseri/Turkey and has been serving in the water industry ever since. Its field of activity offers package solutions for water management systems. Unlike traditional automation systems, the company has…

Bulgarian company offering partnership for manufacturing and assembling of components or finished products in the automotive and other industries

BOBG20210507001 | BULGARIA
The Bulgarian subsidiary was founded in Stara Zagora in 2006 as an extended workbench for manual and tool supported assembly by a Swiss company. During the last years the company developed independently client portfolios, especially in the…

The snail farm operating in Ukraine is looking for business partners to sell products and expand its production capacity under the agreement on commercial agency

BRUA20210604001 | UKRAINE
A Ukrainian local company with experience in implementing innovative projects, as well as experience in growing snails, has developed a business plan for growing delicacies in large quantities for sale to food establishments. The company is…

New protocols that stimulate the spinal cord

TOIT20210621001 | ITALY
The laboratory is composed of neuro-physiologists and neuro-scientists who study the mechanisms at the base of spinal cord injury and other neuro-motor disorders through the development and analysis of innovative technologies.
The laborato…