Posted on 20th October 2021
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Spanish outdoor footwear manufacturer looking for worldwide retail chains.

BOES20200729001 | SPAIN
Spanish family owned company founded in 1940 which manufacturers high quality, technical footwear for adventure-, outdoor, leisure activities and professional use.

They have a wide catalog of products such as Mountaineering/Trekking (High…

Majorcan charcuisine “sobrasada” producer is looking for distributors of meat specialities to sign distribution services agreement.

BOES20200731001 | SPAIN
Spanish company founded in 1905 decided to immerse itself in the world of Mallorcan animal breeding, specializing in the care of Mallorcan black porc (native race of the island) and turning the porc into gourmet products.The production proc…

Moldovan company specialized in the manufacture of textile articles is looking for partners to collaborate under distribution service or manufacturing agreements

BOMD20210922003 | MOLDOVA
The Moldovan company was founded in 2017, having as main activity the production of different textile articles under own brand and partners’ technical specification under partners’ labels.
The company is active in the textile industry…

Greek company processes dust from fragmented solar panels and seeks for technology aiming to remove mercury

TRGR20211008001 | GREECE
A Greek company, active in the energy sector, is managing a mixture of dust, originating from the fragmentation of used solar panels that contains mercury at a concentration of 0.3%.

The company is interested in receiving proper technolog…

Maltese cyber-security company seeks clients interested in securing their digital assets from cyberattacks. Company also interested to collaborate with cyber security partners via outsource agreements, among other opportunities.

BOMT20210301001 | MALTA
The company has been established in 2019 with its headquarters situated in Malta. The main focus of the company is to offer preventative cyber security services which aim to shed light on security vulnerabilities before they are discovered…

Lithuanian producer of organic dog food is looking for manufacturers of air dried meat, vegetables and fruits to work under manufacturing agreement

BRLT20211015001 | LITHUANIA
The Lithuanian dog food company was established in 2018. It offers organic, low-carb, and raw-dehydrated dog food. It is made from 100% human-grade ingredients which come from certified sustainable and responsible farms. They are gently air…

Advanced microfabrication techniques and flow simulations for the development of microfluidic devices applied to biomedical applications

TOES20211005001 | SPAIN
Microfluidic solutions are promising technologies with relevant effects in all the scientific fields, being biomedicine the most affected by this disruptive technology. This is mainly caused by the need of optimization in processes and in t…

Logistics and post-sales services for companies willing to develop their business in Italy

TOIT20210923001 | ITALY
An Italian SME, located in North West of Italy and established in 1995, is specialised in electronics, informatics, and ICT technologies. The company has started in the framework of its activity collaborations with both SMEs and large enter…

Motor with electromagnetic piston for applications in industrial machinery as loading and unloading large boats or heavy vehicles

TOES20210929002 | SPAIN
Electric motors have been widely studied over the years, however, researchers from a Spanish university have managed to develop an innovative system to achieve an electric motor with a high torque for applications in industrial machinery as…

Spanish company specialized in software and hardware solutions for pharmacies and hospitals is searching for commercial agents and distributors.

BOES20191003001 | SPAIN
The Spanish company based in Mallorca in the year 2009 indicates that there are different ways to focus on pharmacy automation systems, from PDS in pouches or blisters (where the patient receives the dose directly prepared on deblistered pi…

A Macedonian healthy food producer is looking for distributors and importers under distribution services agreement

A Macedonian company whose activity is the production and trade of products from the domain of healthy food was founded in 1993 and has fostered fast and dynamic development since then.
Thanks to the high professionalism and innovation, the…

Macedonian producer of cold-pressed oils and dietary supplements is looking for a commercial agency agreement

This Macedonian company was established in 2005 and has developed capacity for seed processing.
Except for being largely recognizable at the home market, it is also established at the international market for more than 8 years, exporting in…

Ukrainian startup that has developed an innovative sound system is looking for distributors or sales representatives for its products

BOUA20210922001 | UKRAINE
Ukrainian start-up is an innovative SME that has developed a new generation of speakers that has precise and natural sound with the 360 Reality Audio effect. 360 Reality Audio effect is a technology that enhances sound quality for a vivid…

Finnish company with a beverage concentrate innovation is looking for a financial, joint venture, license or manufacturing agreement partner with a brand name in beverage business.

BOFI20210827001 | FINLAND
The company was established in 1992. It has helped more than 100 new startups to get in business and made some inventions of its own.

The company has lately helped another company in the beverage business and during that time this new inve…

Spanish SME offers organic fertiliser based on Tenebrio molitor insect frass for organic agriculture under commercial, technical and research cooperation agreement.

TOES20211004001 | SPAIN
Spanish SME established in 2014 is devoted to breeding the Tenebrio molitor insect at industrial scale, transformation and commercialisation of derived co-products. The company´s expertise gained over the years enables the optimisation of…

Italian industrial group in the packaging sector seeks innovative, green materials to increase sustainability of its products

TRIT20211012001 | ITALY
An Italian industrial group is a world leader in the packaging sector, it is based in Italy but has subsidiaries in 15 countries around the world. The group is specialized in end-line solutions and it manufactures and sells a wide range of…

Spanish manufacturer of personal protective equipment is looking for distributors and commercial agents.

BOES20210924001 | SPAIN
The company seeks distributors and commercial agents to improve itss presence abroad.
The company is located Castilla-la Mancha with more than 5,000 m2 among offices, textile production chains, sanitary textiles and White Room for PPE prod…

Polish manufacturer of communication and car antennas and various connectors is looking for manufacturing & subcontracting agreements

BOPL20210923002 | POLAND
Polish company operating on the market since 1964 and with a very good reputation as a manufacturer of various antennas and connectors as well as a renderer of services like machining, chipless forming, plastic processing and manual assembl…

A Slovak company manufacturing cardboard packaging products offers its services under manufacturing agreement

BOSK20210713001 | SLOVAKIA
The Slovak company was established in 1995 and is situated in the western part of Slovakia, which gives the company a great location to effectively supply to Hungary, Austria, and Czechia.

Cardboard packaging materials are produced in acco…

A Polish family-run furniture producer is looking for distributors and is offering manufacturing services

BOPL20210816001 | POLAND
Polish family-run company with nearly 30 years of experience in production of upholstered furniture and established market position is willing to expand abroad.

It produces chairs, armchairs, footstools, sofas, beds, upholstered wall pane…

Portuguese exporter of Azorean fresh fish and distributor of deep frozen food products is looking for trade intermediaries

BOPT20200127002 | PORTUGAL
On 12 February 1993, this Portuguese (Azorean) company started its activity exporting fresh fish and distributing deep-frozen products.
The company is based in S. Miguel Island and operates in the Azores, as well as in Community and Non-Co…

Romanian SME manufacturing parts is interested in subcontracting and manufacturing agreements

BORO20210929001 | ROMANIA
This company was founded in 2018 and is located in the Transylvania region of Romania.
This company offers complete processing services on machines with numerical control. These services include:

manufacturing technology – the company c…
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