Posted on 10th January 2022
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Outline of service

The service will deliver a flexible and person-centred model that works towards improving mental health outcomes for service users in workplaces and community settings. The service will be available to Hull residents aged 16 years and over with mental health and emotional wellbeing concerns including, but not limited to, anxiety, stress and uncertainty in work and unemployment. The service will provide mental health prevention and promotion interventions to help service users to:

  • Start in Work (16-24 years)
  • Stay in Work (all ages)
  • Recruit to Work (all ages)

Aims and Objectives

  • Engage with people who are out of work, people in fragile employment and businesses who employ temporary and transient workers
  • Build relationships and connections with businesses in Hull
  • Promote a workplace culture to challenge stigma and support emotional wellbeing
  • To raise awareness of the importance of mental health and wellbeing at work
  • Plan and deliver a minimum of 4 targeted communications and marketing campaigns (1 per each Intervention and 1 whole Programme) which are culturally specific to
  • ensure reach, impact and equity throughout the Programme
  • Produce 3 case studies (1 per each intervention) to illustrate impact of the Programme on service users

Key Messages

Overarching Programme

  • Recruit well. Start well. Stay well.

Recruit to Work (all ages)

  • 1 in 6 people will experience poor mental health at work.  Make mental health a priority.

Start in Work (16-24 years)

  • Your mental health doesn’t define your future. Unlock your potential today.

Stay in Work (all ages)

  • We know that staying in work when you are struggling with your mental health is hard. We can help.

Breakdown of support available

Recruit to work – targeted at businesses and recruiters

  • Face to face support
  • Specific mental health training such as Mental Health First Aid
  • Skills building for managers
  • Training on how to have conversations about mental health
  • Employee access to our Workplace Stress Programme
  • Specialist information and advice

Start in Work (16-24 years)

  • Help with practical issues that you may be facing
  • One to one employment support, advice and guidance
  • Personalised action plans
  • CV writing
  • Support to complete job applications
  • Help to find suitable opportunities/vacancies
  • Interview skills
  • Engaging with potential employers
  • Helping you to find your designated career path

Stay in Work (all ages)

  • One to one employment support, advice and guidance
  • Personalised action plans
  • Attending work meetings with you and your employer
  • Engaging with your employer to better understand your needs
  • Support with returning to work following absence
  • Help with identifying issues at work and how to resolve them
  • Support to find alternative employment

Embargoed until 04/12/2021

Recruit well. Start Well. Stay Well.

New service launches to help individuals to improve their mental health

Local mental health charity Hull and East Yorkshire Mind is working with Hull City Council on a new project to support individuals and employers in Hull. The new Work Well project, which officially launched last month, will help individuals to improve their mental health, raise aspirations and achieve personal goals. As part of the new iniative, Hull and East Yorkshire Mind will be helping young people aged 16-24 into to education, training or employment, supporting people already in work to improve their mental health and retain their employment, as well as engaging with local employers to help make mental health a priority in their workplace. Throughout the pandemic, more people are experiencing poor mental health and this can directly impact on external opportunities – making it harder to find training and employment opportunities, or resulting in poor mental health at work.

Emma Dallimore, Chief Executive at Hull and East Yorkshire Mind said:

“We are thrilled to be working with Hull City Council to help support individuals and employers in Hull. The pandemic has been difficult for everyone and we know that this will have affected the mental health of our community in many different ways. It may be that your mental health is stopping you from gaining employment, or you may feel like you need some extra support to achieve your employment goals. Our new Work Well iniative will help young people, adults and employers to achieve their goals, but most importantly improve their mental health and wellbeing.

Cllr Hester Bridges, Deputy Leader of Hull City Council and Chair of Hull Health and Wellbeing Board said:

“The Coronavirus pandemic has exacerbated drivers of poor mental health, such as unemployment and financial insecurity, and increased population-wide mental health challenges. It is likely that the long-term economic effects of the pandemic will most affect those already socially and economically disadvantaged, and the mental health impact of these effects may not be seen for years. We very much welcome the additional resources available and support projects aimed at improving employability and mental health in the workplace. This brand new service will help to improve mental wellbeing at a particularly challenging time for people in our most disadvantaged communities including those at risk and other vulnerable groups. ” For more information on the project and how to get support visit or contact Hull and East Yorkshire Mind’s Information Line 24 hours a day on 01482 240133 /