Posted on 29th June 2022
Category: News

The Humber Industrial Cluster Plan (HICP) is currently in development and the HICP Team want to hear opinions from local people in the Humber Region. The team are looking for a range of people to volunteer as participants in focus groups to discuss the social and cultural dimensions of the industrial low carbon energy transition in the Humber. There are three possible focus groups to take part in:

  • The local community / natural environment perspective
    • 12:00-14:00, Monday 11th July 2022, or
    • 12:00-14:00, Tuesday 12th July 2022.
  • The local industry perspective
    • 18:30-20:30, Monday 11th July 2022, or
    • 12:00-14:00, Wednesday 13th July 2022.
  • The local SME perspective
    • 18:30-20:30, Wednesday 13th July 2022, or
    • 12:00-14:00, Friday 15th July 2022.

In order to understand availability, please fill out this form, which provides details on dates and times, and we will forward you an invitation. We would be grateful if you would be able to share this form with any of your contacts with a relevant interests in the groups listed above.

Please note, all focus groups will be virtual and will last two hours. We will be offering a modest recognition to those that attend the focus groups in the form of a £10 voucher.

Some more information about what the HICP Project is doing and how it relates to these focus groups is included below.

The HICP is currently in Phase 1 of its development, which is considering various different factors before the launch of the Plan next year. The focus groups are related to Lot 4 of this work; which is exploring the social and cultural aspects of industrial decarbonisation in the Humber. This means thinking about what the impacts of decreasing the carbon emissions of heavy industry will be on Humber society as a whole, and what the impacts will be in different groups on the Humber. So far we have spoken to different stakeholders in business, government, and the third sector, and now we want to hear directly from individuals.