Posted on 7th July 2022
Category: News

Please complete the attached form below to answer the following questions:

Q1 General business and economic headlines – Any useful intelligence/news gathered in the HEY region this month?
This can be positive or negative and relates to any issue affecting business performance, productivity, investment etc. Includes intelligence on general business confidence and attitudes

Q2 Hot topics this week? Any factors businesses are talking about this month?
Can include any matter related to “doing business” in current economic environment. In particular issues related to post-Covid recovery, Brexit, Levelling Up, Net Zero, Overseas Trade and Regulatory changes etc.

Q3 New job losses, business failures, warnings, or potential economic shocks in the HEY region?

Q4 New opportunities, deals, investment and job gains to report in the HEY region?

Q5 Business Support – Do you have any “lobbying requests” and/or needs for anything specific to help business in the current climate?

Q6 Other intelligence and data not captured above. In particular new local/regional data, survey results, research or reports published in last 30 days.

Down load the form here word document