Posted on 3rd October 2022
Category: News

New Government funding will assess cyber security of office products connected to the internet such as smart printers and room booking systems.

Organisations can now apply for funding to support research into the cyber security of office devices which can connect to the internet, such as printers, cameras, and room booking systems, to ensure they are properly protected against hackers.

Thousands of UK businesses rely on these products, known as enterprise Internet of Things (IoT) devices, to increase productivity and enable hybrid working. The government is funding new research to uncover vulnerabilities in these commonly used enterprise IoT products and assess the cyber resilience of these devices.

Smart devices in the workplace can collect sensitive data which can be accessed by other users, making them an attractive target for cyber criminals to exploit. While devices may have some protections built-in, products with poor cyber security can leave companies using them at risk.

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