Posted on 14th October 2022
Category: News

Left to Right; Stephen Savage (Deputy Chair of the HEY LEP Investment Panel), Tim Davies (Chief Executive Officer, HiiROC), Richard Scott (Operations Director, HiiROC) and James Newman OBE (Chair of the HEY LEP)

Local technology company HiiROC have successfully secured grant funding from the Growing Hull and East Yorkshire funding scheme, run by the Hull and East Yorkshire Local Enterprise Partnership.

The grant has been used to help the fit out of a new facility in Hull to produce and test the HiiROC pilot units.

Formed in 2019, Hull based HiiROC is developing proprietary technology to convert biomethane, flare gas and natural gas into clean hydrogen and carbon black, through an innovative electrolysis process using thermal plasma. This results in zero CO2 “Emerald hydrogen” at a comparable cost to steam methane reforming, but without the emissions and using only one fifth of the energy required by water electrolysis.

The solid carbon by-product, carbon black, has multiple applications such as tyres, building materials and as a soil enhancer. Its production using HiiROC’s technology avoids the emissions and pollution inherent in the predominant oil furnace manufacturing process. This therefore uniquely gives the HiiROC process two valuable, sustainable outputs.

In July HiiROC won the prestigious KPMG UK Tech Innovator 2022 award, as a representative of the Northeast region. HiiROC plans to extend its operations in the Humber region, creating further jobs in an expanded development centre and first factory in 2023 to meet demand. HiiROC will continue to work closely with the LEP, and Hull City Council to support their ambitious growth in the area.

James Newman OBE, Chair of the HEY LEP welcomed the opportunity to visit HiiROC Limited. He said: “The new facility is being used to produce and test new pilot units, which could revolutionise the way in which hydrogen is produced. This innovative development of their cutting-edge plasma-based hydrogen units has never been done before. The wider benefits of the project will help to decarbonise energy intensive industries, not only in the Hull and East Yorkshire region, but has potential to be exported worldwide.”

Stephen Savage, Deputy Chair of the HEY LEP Investment Panel said: “HiiROC are exactly the type of company and business activity the Growing Places Fund is looking to support. I encourage other businesses with innovative ideas looking to grow their business to apply for a grant.”

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