Posted on 19th January 2023
Category: News

The Levelling Up Fund has awarded over £19 million to Hull to regenerate the city centre.

It will support:

  • the development of a mixed-use space in Albion Square
  • Whitefriargate and the surrounding areas

Revitalising Whitefriargate

Whitefriargate is a beloved and historic district which includes 33 listed buildings.  Businesses within Whitefriargate and surrounding areas will see:

  • unused floorspace brought back into use
  • an increase in employment opportunities
  • an increase in footfall

The city will also enjoy a new cultural and education hub. The hub will use digital technologies to support education and the arts.

Mark Jones, Director of Regeneration, Hull City Council said:

Investment in Whitefriargate will increase the vibrancy of this historic quarter by repurposing vacant properties, maximising employment opportunities, and increasing footfall in this much-loved area of the City.

He added that the funding will

transform the city centre even further, building on other key investments such as Hull Marina and Hull’s Maritime City.

New Albion Square development

Over £7 million will support the new Albion Square development in the city centre.

The development will feature a:

  • mixture of residential office and retail space
  • new park

Environmental responsibility and Net Zero principles underpin the new development, with:

  • rewilded areas designed to link up nature in the urban landscape
  • electric vehicle charging points
  • solar panels
  • a bike hub

The projects will revitalise Hull’s city centre by making it a more attractive place to visit, do business and shop.

Learn more about Hull’s Levelling Up project.

Dominic Gibbons, Managing Director, Wykeland Group said:

The funds will be used to bring forward much needed regeneration by creating new jobs, bringing back into use vacant floorspace, and repurposing heritage and dilapidated buildings. This much needed funding is required to stabilise and develop the city centre’s economy, and we believe the funding to be axiomatic in the process of bridging the viability gap and ongoing regeneration.

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