Posted on 2nd February 2023
Category: Blogs

This Blog was written for us by Jacob Robinson

Marketing is a powerful tool used by companies for a plethora of reasons. For the majority, it is a tool used to help create a positive brand image that potential consumers will find appealing and reach out to learn more about. This increase in interest can generate leads, which hopefully later become sales.

Companies will set a marketing budget for their team, which they can use to create and implement the campaigns for each business quarter. Each year, marketing teams look for new ways to market the company and implement new tactics to see how they perform. If businesses are preparing to expand, marketing this exciting chapter could help with the next step of the company’s journey.

For companies looking for ways to help expand their business, here are a few marketing tips worth implementing.

Invest In Business Cards

In today’s digital era, business cards might not seem like they could be a valuable tool. However, that is a common misconception many companies can fall for. Business cards can be a simple and effective way to promote and market a business. During trade shows and events, having business cards on the table for guests to take as a reminder of the companies they interacted with. When creating business cards, the most challenging part is creating the design.

Fortunately, there are plenty of business card design options that Adobe have assembled to choose between. The business card could incorporate the colour scheme of the business, the font and the company logo. It is a small branding tool that provides a person with all the social media links to get in touch with the company. A modest business card can make a difference. It is a small gesture that could make a lasting impression.

Vocal On Social Media

As mentioned, the business cards should feature links to how a person can get in touch with a company. The most common links include the website and the handles of any company’s social media accounts. It provides potential consumers with a choice of where they can find the company and learn more about the services on offer – if they are interested in utilising them.

Each social media platform should be active, with posts being uploaded daily. This shows that the company actively engages in current trends and developing industries. Companies should ensure that any interactions with consumers are positive. It will help in creating a positive brand image for the company.

Utilise Video Marketing

Reading a bulk of text can be off-putting to some consumers. Condensing text into smaller, more concise points can be more digestible to consumers, and they are more likely to remember the information shared. Another option, one that many companies are choosing to implement, is video marketing.

Video marketing could be short videos, often a minute at maximum, detailing the key information consumers should know about the company. These short videos are more likely to capture a consumer’s attention when scrolling through social media than written text about the company. Additionally, keeping these videos short help to keep their attention. How a marketing campaign performs is difficult to predict. However, using successful marketing strategy tips, careful planning, and monitoring consumer trends and behaviour could increase the chances of a solid performance. Time will tell how well a campaign did, but some of the tips mentioned above could be helpful when marketing a company’s expansion.