Posted on 23rd February 2024
Category: Blogs

This was submitted by David Holland

Prepare to be both educated and astonished. Today, I’d like to unveil an extraordinary piece of history – a modern twist on an ancient menace that recently emerged in Oregon. Imagine, if you will, a furry feline, much like any other pet cat, except for one startling difference: this one brought the bubonic plague back into the limelight.   The Bubonic Companion Meow-tbreak in Oregon: A Purr-edemic – this may sound like the title of an avant-garde novel, but it is, in fact, the headline that The Guardian graced us with, detailing the curious case of an Oregon cat and its unsuspecting owners. This isn’t just a cautionary tale about the unexpected; it’s history echoing in our contemporary lives, a reminder of nature’s complex entanglement with human society.   Learn, But Don’t Panic Before alarm bells start ringing, it’s imperative to note that cases like this are rare and often isolated. But they illuminate a fascinating intersection between health, history, and the relationships we have with our pets. More importantly, they underscore the importance of staying informed and connected – not just to the news but to the clients and communities that depend on us.   Echoes in Business? You might be wondering, what does this have to do with your business? Herein lies the lesson – if a dormant disease can re-emerge because of distant neglect, could the same be said for your customer relationships? Are there dormant connections in your network that could be revitalised? Just as the Oregon residents never expected their pet to be a vector of medieval malaise, you too may be surprised at the untapped potential lingering in your ‘forgotten’ customer list. When was the last time you reached out, re-engaged, and restored connections that could very well benefit your business?   Re-engage With Winback We invite you to peruse the tale of the Oregon Plague Cat, and then, with that sense of renewed awareness, explore how Winback can help you reconnect with your clients. Like vigilant health officers advocating for preventative measures, we must proactively maintain and nurture our connections.   A Proactive Step Forward Take action by visiting Winback and discover how our strategies can safeguard your client relations from ‘going medieval’ on your revenues. Stay curious, informed, and connected.   Warm regards,   David
Protect your business from the equivalent of a customer relations plague; reconnect with those who matter most.   P.S. Our array of outreach tools and strategies at EXELA are designed for the proactive business owner who values robust relationships. Don’t wait for the ‘plague’ – be prepared and stay ahead. Visit us now.