Unifying the regulation process across the region to help businesses grow.

Better Business for All (BBfA) is a voluntary partnership run by the HEY LEP Growth Hub between businesses and regulatory services to promote business growth.

It has been set up to improve your understanding of administration and compliance to ensure your businesses meets the required regulatory standards.

The BBfA role:

BBfA is designed to help you understand and answer any regulatory concerns you may have for your business. Their aim is to remove the fear of regulation in order to help you to achieve compliance which allows you to get on with the task of growing your business.

BBfA brings together both businesses and the regulatory services in the our  area (including Environmental Health, Licensing, Trading Standards and the Fire Service) as well as the HEY  Local Enterprise Partnership and the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB).

The BBfA Goals:

  • consumer confidence
  • public safety
  • local economic growth (jobs and apprenticeships)
  • safe, happy, thriving communities

Where does BBfA  fit in?

BBfA is a partnership approach to developing a new relationship between businesses, local regulators and business support agencies. BBfA fits with the current Government agenda and the business support landscape in the following ways:

  • To move to a sustainable delivery model funded by locally-raised resources, thereby driving regulatory services to find ways of introducing further efficiency and consider opportunities to generate income. BBfA provides a mechanism for working together towards this goal.
  • The LEP is a route to generating local solutions to local needs and is therefore an ideal vehicle by which to deliver the BBfA programme.
  • Being part of the Growth Hub will assist in embedding regulatory services as a key business support function and part of the wider business support solution. This is part of the BBfA ethos.
  • The overall aim of the  BBfA partnership is to support economic growth by making it easier to do business in the region. It will do this by supporting compliance and helping remove regulatory barriers.

What’s in it for businesses:

  • save money
  • save time
  • grow and prosper
  • good reputation
  • level playing field

How do they do this:

  • By providing you access to regulatory help that is tailored around your business needs, making it easier for you to ‘get it right first time’
  • By creating an environment where businesses feel confident to ask for advice from regulators without fear of attracting enforcement activity
  • By providing solution-focused advice for you and removing regulatory barriers

Who’s involved:

This is action-focused partnership is made up of local authority regulatory services and economic development , and representatives including but not limited to:

  •  East Riding of Yorkshire Council
  •  Hull City Council
  •   HEY Local Enterprise Partnership and it’s Growth Hub (LEP)
  •  Chamber of Commerce
  •  Federation of Small Businesses
  •  Local Fire Services

Senior level officers from these organisations are developing a programme of action intended to meet the needs of local businesses.

Where to get help and advice:

You can find our list of local regulatory bodies here

You can visit the Better Business For All (BBfA) website here