The Government Business Online Forum.

As part of the Chancellor’s budget announcement on the 16th of March 2016 there was an announcement for a dedicated online Business forum for new businesses and self-employed individuals to get help and support about filing and paying their taxes for the first time, and on the transition to using digital services. 

The forum is aimed at the small business (including the self-employed) in particular those who are doing things for the first time. 

This online support forum is a website based technology that allows users to post questions, read and respond to posts. The forum is a means for providing customer service, as well as allowing users to self-serve and provide peer to peer support.

Forums are generally centred on specific categories, the categories on this forum include: 

  • Starting your Business
  • Growing your business
  • Managing our Business

Some recent forum topics include:

  • Starting up
  • Legal Structure
  • How to register and pay for your taxes
  • Record Keeping
  • Start up Finance and the tax implications
  • Tax returns
  • Business Expenses
  • Buying and selling abroad
  • Looking to grow your Business
  • What to consider if you take on employees
  • Tax incentives to help growth
  • Industry specific help and support
  • Tax Credits and You

HMRC advisors will moderate the forum between 9-5pm Monday to Friday. 

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