HEY Start-ups

Newly launched on 1st April 2021 this new service is for anyone looking to set up a business, or for those businesses that have been trading for less than a year.

The Service


HEY Start-ups is for anyone who is thinking about starting up their own business, or for any start up business that is less then one year old. The service is available to any individual or business in the Hull and East Yorkshire region, and any sector or industry can be supported.

HEY Start-ups includes one-to-one advice and guidance from our team of experienced start up coaches, as well as a wide range of one-to-many workshops, masterclasses and networking sessions, each delivered as a webinar.

More detail on the delivery of the service can be found as follows.

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One to One Advisor Support

One to one support is available from our team of dedicated Start Up Business Advisors based across the Hull and East Yorkshire region. They will be able to help you discuss your business idea, help to give your business plan shape, and will be able to help you create and work through a check list of essential actions needed before successfully starting a business.

Our advisors can also support you to grow your businesses and ensure that it thrives for the first 12 months of trading. At the end of your first 12 months trading, our advisors can help you to access the Growth Hub’s #GrowMySME Programme to help you take your next steps on your business’s growth journey.



Two hour long workshops cover four topic areas that are essential to starting a business:

  1. Business Planning
  2. Bookeeping & Finance
  3. Sales & Marketing
  4. Regulations & Compliance

These workshops usually operate every two weeks and are aimed at people that are looking to set up their own business. You can view and book upcoming workshops and here.


One hour long masterclasses will focus of specific topics relating to self-employment. Each masterclass will be different and some of the topics will be:

  1. How to Set Up an e-Commerce Business
  2. How to Recruit That First Member of Staff
  3. How To Set Up a Business That Trades from a Business Premises
  4. How to Create a High-Growth Start Up
  5. Moving to Your 1st Business Premises
  6. Making Social Media work for your Business
  7. Is Starting a Business right for Me?
  8. Exploring Sources of Finance & Funding

A variety of masterclasses will run twice a month and are aimed at people that are looking to set up their own business as well as businesses that have been trading for less than 1 year.

Networking Sessions

Networking sessions are one hour long and are informal peer learning and networking events. Each session will be facilitated by an experience business coach and the topic for each sessions will be set by the participants.

Networking sessions will run twice a month and are aimed at people that are looking to set up their own business as well as businesses that have been trading for less than 1 year.

HEY Fast Track Business Start-up Programme
Attendees will hear from inspirational business people who have
successfully launched and grown a business in the Hull & East
Yorkshire (HEY) region and who know the business start-up
journey very well. They are experts in their own areas and focus
on the ‘stuff that really matters’ in an interactive, fun and informative manner.

How To Access The Service

To arrange an appointment with one of our Start Up Business Advisors in your area, please click on the relevant link for your area below:

To view and book onto a workshop, masterclass or sounding board session, please click here.



Who Is This Service For?

  • Must be an individual based in the Humber Region that is looking to set up a business


  • Must be a start up business that has been trading less than 12 months


  • Scheme Start Date 01-Apr-2021 12:00am

  • Support Type Business Expertise and Advice

  • Support Categories Starting a business and Mentoring and Networking

  • Number of EmployeesUnder 10

  • Regions:East Riding, Hull