HOP (Humber Outreach Programme) is a partnership of Higher Education Institutions, schools, academies and colleges. Our programme aims to raise the aspirations of young people from less advantaged backgrounds

through exciting and challenging opportunities, with the goal of increasing their awareness of and participation in further and higher education.

HOP is active across the Humber region, and our teams work together to help our young people make informed, confident decisions about their futures through relevant, impartial information and experience.

We provide exciting and challenging opportunities for young people in years nine to thirteen. Alongside this, we also signpost schools, parents and teachers to local outreach opportunities and information.

Our programme aims to:
Develop knowledge and awareness of the benefits of further and higher education
Develop capacity to navigate higher education and make informed choices
Develop resilience to negotiate the challenges of life in higher education
Develop study skills and capacity for academic success
Develop subject understanding by contextualising knowledge

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