The Youth Enterprise Bank is for young people aged up to and including 21 years old. It offers grants of up to £1,000 for individuals or groups of young people who need finance to help make their idea happen.

efore you can apply for a grant you will be expected to have at least an IAB Level 1 Computerised Accounting for Business RQF ( this will have to be completed by yourself with Goldings and will be part of your application – the value of this is £199.00) or a relevant qualification that shows you have a knowledge of financial management in a business ( for this we need you to write a few paragraphs up to two pages to demonstrate you have this experience, which will be looked by our financial advisers to see if its suitable)

The Youth Enterprise Bank (YEB) is not just about giving financial support we also offer practical help with developing your business idea. The YEB works closely with the City Regeneration and Policy Youth Enterprise team. The Youth Enterprise Bank is managed by a group of trustees, chaired by Maureen Foers OBE and linked to the Hull Youth Enterprise Partnership.

To-date over 450 young people from Hull have benefited from this source of funding, buying items such as: Computers, Business Stationery, Websites, Photography Equipment, Bicycle Repair Equipment, Chocolate Making Equipment, Dance costumes for local bands, equipment for mobile hairdressers and much more..

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