SparkFund is an ERDF funded innovation and research support programme run by the University of Hull available to small and medium sized businesses (SMEs) across North Yorkshire and the Humber sub-region.


SparkFund will help local SMEs to identify, nurture and embed innovation and grow their business through tailored support unique to them.

SparkFund is underpinned by three schemes:

Innovation Vouchers
R&D Grants
Low carbon R&D Grants

Eligible SMEs can apply to any of these schemes. Up to £20,000 of funding is available under the Innovation Voucher scheme per SME with up to £50,000 being available under both Grant schemes.

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  • Support Type Finance (any) and Grants

  • Support Categories Grow and Sustain, Developing new products or services, and Research and Development

  • Number of EmployeesUnder 10, Up to 249, Between 250 and 500, and Between 501 and 1000

  • Regions:East Riding, Hull