Discover the Untold Tale of the Oregon Plague Cat

23rd February 2024

This was submitted by David Holland

Prepare to be both educated and astonished. Today, I’d like to unveil an extraordinary piece of history – a modern twist on an ancient menace that recently emerged in Oregon. Imagine, if you will, a furry feline, much like any other pet cat, except for one startling difference: this one brought the bubonic plague back into the limelight.   The Bubonic Companion Meow-tbreak in Oregon: A Purr-edemic – this may sound like the title

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The Art of Winning Back Customers with EXELA

31st January 2024

This was submitted by David Holland

At EXELA, we believe that a lapsed customer is merely a future opportunity waiting to be seized. With our ‘Winback as a Service’, we’ve perfected the art of customer re-engagement, using strategies that have been crafted through successful campaigns and real-world results.

Our unique approach doesn’t just aim to win them back, but to understand their evolving needs and align your offerings to exceed their expectations. Embrace the opportunity to learn, adapt, and grow your

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Revitalize Your Business Connections with EXELA

30th January 2024

This was submitted by David Holland

Have you ever considered the untapped potential lying dormant in your list of past customers and prospects? It’s time to unlock the power of those connections with EXELA’s ‘Winback as a Service’.

Our bespoke re-engagement campaigns have breathed new life into our clients’ customer lists, rekindling relationships that seemed lost. With our proven secret sauce, we can do the same for you. Reconnecting with lost customers isn’t just about making another sale – it’s about

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Email marketing strategies for small businesses

25th January 2024

This was submitted by David Holland

Email marketing plays a crucial and pivotal role in the digital strategy of small businesses. It is a powerful and effective tool to connect with your customers, allowing you to build strong relationships and foster brand loyalty. Email marketing can significantly boost lead generation, customer retention, and conversion rates when executed properly, increasing sales and business growth. By leveraging the potential of personalized and targeted email campaigns, businesses can tailor their messages to resonate

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Mobile marketing strategies for small businesses

18th January 2024

This was submitted by David Holland

With the rise of digital technology and a shift towards mobile-first browsing, mobile marketing has become a powerful tool for small businesses. It offers a suite of strategies, including SMS Marketing, Mobile Apps, and Location-Based Services, which can be tailored to meet the diverse needs of your customer base. By ensuring that your online content is mobile-friendly, you can reach a wider audience, engage your customers more effectively, and drive sustainable growth for your

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“Local Marketing Strategies for Small Business Success”

11th January 2024


Harnessing Social Media for Geo-targeted Ads: A Game-changer in Local Marketing



In the increasingly competitive business landscape, small businesses must leverage every tool at their disposal to stand out, especially within their local markets. Local marketing is one of the most potent and often underutilised tools in this regard.

This section explores practical local marketing strategies that small businesses can use to bolster their local presence, drive foot traffic, and increase sales. We

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How to Identify The Best Marketing Opportunities for Your Business in Hull & East Yorkshire

8th January 2024

This was submitted by Joshua Pearson

In the bustling economic landscape of Hull & East Yorkshire, where opportunity meets innovation, businesses are really thriving like never before for many, and on a national if not international level.

For both those successful and struggling businesses, however, navigating the diverse avenues of marketing can be the key to unlocking your business’s true potential. Whether you’re a startup or an established enterprise, understanding how to identify and seize the best marketing opportunities is crucial

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14th December 2023

This was submitted by Boris Mackey from Rehab 4 Addiction email

Many people feel more vulnerable during this period and may be in desperate need of the resources and support that Rehab 4 Addiction can provide. We are providing a lifeline to these individuals, offering them easy access to the help they need during a critical time.

Rehab 4 Addiction was founded to assist those affected by substance misuse and their loved ones. We offer a range of services, and help

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Ensuring Safety in Hazardous Zones: The Role of ATEX-Certified Explosion Proof CCTV Systems

8th December 2023

This Was submitted by Mustaqim Shaikh from Sharpeagle

Moiz saeed


In hazardous work environments, where the risk of explosions is a constant concern, ensuring safety is paramount. This is where SharpEagle’s ATEX-certified explosion-proof CCTV solutions come into play, offering an advanced means of surveillance and safety in such high-risk areas.

Understanding the Need for Explosion-Proof CCTV Systems

Explosion-proof CCTV systems are essential in environments like chemical manufacturing sites, oil and gas facilities, and transportation terminals. These areas are prone to hazardous conditions that could

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Leveraging Paid Advertising: A Comprehensive Guide for Small Businesses

16th November 2023

In today’s digital age, small businesses have many paid advertising options at their disposal. From Google Ads to social media promotions, these platforms, when utilised optimally, can significantly amplify reach and engagement rates. However, with the vast amount of information and features available, it can be overwhelming for small businesses to navigate through the world of paid advertising. This guide provides an overview of paid advertising mechanisms and how small businesses can effectively use them.

One of the prime aspects of

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