HMPPS’ Future Skills Programme Invitation to Tender is now LIVE!

22nd March 2023

This was provided by the The Future Skills team

Subject: Grow your Future Workforce

Good morning/Good afternoon,

We’re writing to let you know that the Invitation to Tender for
Future Skills Programme Funding is now LIVE!
Organisations have until 10am on 24 April 2023 to submit their bid for
Future Skills Programme funding.

Future Skills Programme – Contracts FinderFuture Skills Programme – Find a Tender (

What is the Future Skills Programme?

The Future Skills Programme is an HMPPS-funded initiative designed to help businesses grow their future workforce, while

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Marketing Tips Worth Implementing By Companies To Help Expand Their Business

2nd February 2023

This Blog was written for us by Jacob Robinson

Marketing is a
powerful tool used by companies for a plethora of reasons. For the majority, it
is a tool used to help create a positive brand image that potential consumers
will find appealing and reach out to learn more about. This increase in
interest can generate leads, which hopefully later become sales.

Companies will set a marketing budget for their team, which they can use to create and implement the campaigns for each business quarter. Each year,

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Advanced Propulsion Centre – TDAP Accelerator Programme Wave 7 Grant Funding

3rd November 2022

This blog is from Chris Harris

delighted to announce that the Advanced Propulsion Centre’s next wave of its
Technology Developer Accelerator Programme (TDAP) is now open for Expressions
of Interest (EOI).

very kindly supported us in promoting our TDAP competitions across your network
in the past. If you have time, I’d be very grateful if you could help us spread
the word that funding and support via TDAP is open again and we’re looking for

If there
are specific SMEs that you’re aware of in

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1st November 2022

This was provided by

Grant Polachek Head of B randing |

Squadhelp has amassed unique insights about naming a business while working with thousands of brands, from seed stages startups to some of the largest companies in the world (Nestle, Dell, AutoNation, and more) Click on the following links:

How to Choose the Best Name for Your Brand

What First-Time Founders Should Know About Naming a Company

4 Tips for Launching a Successful Rebrand

The 4 Reasons You Chose a

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What’s in A Brand Name? Everything.

13th October 2022

This Blog was provided by Grant Polachek email

How To Create A Business Name That Perfectly Reflects Your Brand

Any person that spends an hour on the internet will be bombarded by ad after ad for businesses. As an entrepreneur, you’ll quickly discover the lack of potential in a company that doesn’t have great branding. 

A business name is the first step in creating an effective brand online that customers will catch onto and remember. 

If you want your brand to thrive

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Your Guide to Hiring and Managing Remote Teams

1st July 2022

This Blog was written by Lucy Reed –

Hiring is a complex
process that includes finding an individual with the right skills to fulfill a
business need. Even though most businesses have comprehensive hiring processes
which involve resume screening, numerous interviews, assignments, and more, one
cannot be 100% sure that the candidate will be a good fit. It is only in the
days and weeks ahead where an employee either makes or misses the mark.

With the rise in remote
working, the hiring process has been made harder as

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45 Tools and Resources for Student Mental Health

23rd June 2022

This Blog was written by Mary Jenkins from iReviews

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that depression and anxiety in children and teens have increased over time, and more than 5 out of 10 children between the ages of 3 and 17 with behavior disorders have needed treatment.

Adults aren’t without risk, though. The National Institute of Mental Health estimates that around 7.8% of all adults have dealt with at least one major episode of depression (in 2019). Episodes

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Website Mistakes Your Small Business Is Making That Cost You Sales (and How to Fix Them)

25th May 2022

This Blog was written by Lucy Reed –

Small business
owners often overlook the importance of their website and its ability to
generate more sales. Pasadena is a competitive market, and if your website
isn’t up to par, you may be missing out on potential customers. A poorly
designed site can lead customers away from your business and into a
competitor’s door. This guide shows you the most common website mistakes made
by small businesses and how to fix them.

Not Using Relevant Keywords

One of the most common mistakes

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Top Areas Where HR Consulting Can Help Strengthen Your Business

1st April 2022

Photo by RODNAE Productions via PexelsThis Blog was written by Lucy Reed –

Even if you already have a strong team, bringing in a human resources consultant or coach has many benefits. Among these are an improved recruitment process, the potential to write clearer and more relevant disciplinary policies, and to help you make sure that you are providing the right benefits. SERP presents the following guide to help you get started.

What Is
HR Consulting?

HR consulting is the process of bringing

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Designing a Client-Friendly Home Office During the Pandemic

8th March 2022

This Blog was written by Jason Kenner

Home-based businesses have become a popular trend in recent years, especially during the pandemic. Numerous business models, from consulting to dog grooming, are great candidates for home-based businesses. Some home businesses involve in-person meetings with clients while others can operate entirely remotely. Regardless, it’s important to stage and decorate your home workspace to showcase your professionalism and make clients feel comfortable. Here are some tips from the Hull and East

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