This is your gateway to business support if you are looking to further develop your well established business. The Growth Hub can help you find the right finance opportunities. It may be time for your  business  to take on more staff, we have plenty of advice in recruiting and hiring staff. You can help staff on long term sick with the Fit For Work programme.  You may be looking to take on an apprentice to help maintain your talent pipeline. This may also be the time to start looking to the export market to help develop your business.  The Catapult Centres help businesses adopt, develop and exploit innovative products and technologies. This is where your R&D can hit the road.  If you have issues with large companies delaying payments to your business the Small Business Commissioner has guidance for you. Government Business Forum provides extensive support for people who are looking to grow their businesses.

The British Business Bank Finance Your Growth Information Hub helps businesses understand and discover the finance options that could enable them to grow.

We have help for businesses for Supply Chain opportunities. We also have a mine of information in our Knowledge Centre.

If you’re a sole trader, you run our own business as an individual and are self-employed. You can keep all your business’ profits after you’ve paid tax on them. Read more here

Government help for growing your business

scaleup institiue

The Scaleup Institute provides information and help for businesses looking to expand rapidly. The Growth Hub scale up development programme also has support for local businesses looking to scale up.

Below you will find a selection of local and national organisations that will help with funding and Free business support for your business. Click on “Browse all resources” to see the full list of support organisations.

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