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A webinar navigating Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality. What are they and how can immersive technology help your business to grow?

Immersive technologies like Virtual / Augmented / Mixed Reality may appear to be technologies only adopted by entertainment industries, like gaming or movies. However, these technology solutions are being adopted by many industries to help them provide more immersive customer experiences, reduce costs, train and educate and speed up innovation.

In this webinar, you will discover what the differences between Virtual, Augmented, and Mixed Reality are and how they are being used in today’s digital-first world as industry game changers. You’ll see examples of immersive realities in action in a business environment and how you can adopt these to enhance your own business offer.

Edenic Group is a team of innovation consultants and behavioural change experts with many years’ experience developing disruptive thinking and innovation concepts to globally recognised brands.

The Group helps brands and organisations to be disruptive, embrace digital and think differently. Edenic Group’s team helps to develop new products, services and innovations solutions across any sector.

We will answer these questions…

  • What is Virtual / Augmented / Mixed Reality
  • Why immersive technology?
  • How to adopt VR / AR / MR into your own business.

Agenda (90 mins)

VR/AR/MR – What’s the difference?

Why use Virtual Reality?

The power of virtualisation

Why use Augmented Reality?

Enhancing the real world

Triggers and Anchors

How to get started

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  • Start: 17th November 2021 1:00 pm

  • End: 17th November 2021 2:30 pm

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