Navigate your way around

Sign upIf you are not a registered user you can click on the “Sign up” link in the top right of the screen. Follow the instructions to sign up to the system.

Log in – If you are a registered user then you can sign into the system by clicking on the purple “log in” key in the top right hand corner.

Home Pageyou can return at any time to the Growth Hub Home page, by clicking on the “Home” button at the very top of the screen.

User ProfileWhen you log in to the system, your user profile will be displayed, where you can update your details and if you are an “organisation user” perform maintenance details on your organisation. To display the your profile at any other time just click on your user name in the top right of the screen.

Business ResourcesThere business resources will list business organisations under 2 formats:

Free&Funded Support – these are organisations who will provide free support which is government or EU funded or Chartres.
Paid Support – these are private sector organisations who may charge for business support.

There are also filters which you can use to limit the number of organisations displayed. you can filter on Region, sector, Business stage and support needed. click on the required filters.

from the list of support organisations displayed, click on any of the businesses to expand the details for that organisation.

Funding support organisations – If you are looking for organisations who provide funding support, then in the business resources page click on the Funding filter in either the free of paid for support sections.

IT&Digital – This section give details about support for the IT & Digital sector. To see the list of organisations offering support in the sector, click on the Browse all Options button and click on the ICT in the sector filter on either the free or paid for support sections

Events To show all events click on the “events link” on the home page in the and a full list of events will be displayed. If required you can filter on Region, sector, Business stage and support needed. click on the required filters. If you want to look at the events on a calendar then click on the View as a Calendar button. To view the details of the event in full click on the event title.

Growth Hub TV – These are a selection of Youtube TV Chnannels from business support organisation.

Searching There is a search box at the top of the screen, enter your search details into the box and click on the magnifying glass to the right of the search box. An index of all resources relating to your search will be displayed. Click on any of the resources to show the full details of that resource.

Back Arrows – to move back to the previous screen, use the back arrow of your windows browser.

Contacting the Growth Hub – If you want to send a message to the Growth Hub, click on the “contact Us” button in the top right corner enter your name, telephone, email and put your message in the Query line and then click the submit button.