The HEY Start-ups events series complements the work of the HEY Start-ups advisor team and operates on a regular basis with sessions every week. Anyone looking to set up their own business or anyone who has started trading within the last 12 months can take part in these free events, delivered on behalf of the Hull & East Yorkshire Growth Hub by Page Consulting Ltd.


Our Start-Up workshops are intensive two-hour sessions where you can learn about the core knowledge and skills needed to successfully run your own business. Four topics are covered, and we encourage anyone looking to set up their own business to take part in each of these workshops to gain a good foundation of knowledge to start-up with success.

The content of each of the four workshop topics is as follows:

Workshop Topic What You’ll Learn
1) Planning for Business Success
(Business Planning)
– How to undertake market research to assess your business idea

– How to prepare a business plan with goals and targets

– How to track business growth against goals and targets

– How to keep your business plan up to date
2) Getting to Grips with Business Finance
(Bookkeeping & Funding)
– How to understand the importance of financial forecasts

– How to create financial forecasts

– Differentiate the types of businesses and how to register

– Get an overview of bookkeeping basics including banking, insurance and payroll

– Get an insight into financial duties and returns
3) Breaking into the Market
(Sales & Marketing)
– How to draw on market research to identify and understand market segmentation

– How to analyse the 4 P’s and their whole customer experience including customer relations and how this sets their business apart from their competitors

– How to build a sales and marketing strategy plan including goals and understand the different marketing channels

– How to understand digital marketing techniques and how to review data to adjust their marketing strategies to achieve their targets
4) Know the Rules & Regulations
(Business Law & Regulations)
– Gain an insight into GDPR and cyber security regulations

– Guidance on Intellectual Property, consumer rights and contracts

– How health & safety impacts businesses

– Get an overview of Environmental Health

Please note that each workshop covering the same topic will be identical – i.e. there is no need to attend more than each workshop topic once.

Please also note that we have scheduled a number of weekend sessions for each workshop topic. We have done this to meet a demand for such sessions, given that many people cannot attend a workshop during normal working hours due to other commitments.

Workshop Schedule

DateTimeTopicBooking Link
Tue 20 July
9:30 to 11:30Planning for business SuccesClick here
Thu 22 July
9:30 to 11:30Getting to Grips with Business FinanceClick here
Mon 26 July
9:30 to 11:30Breaking in to the MarketClick here
Thu 29 July09:30 to 11:30Know the Rules and RegulationsClick here
Mon 16 August 20219:30 to 11:30Getting to Grips with Business FinanceClick here
Wed 18 August 202109:30 to 11:30Breaking in to the MarketClick here
Mon 23 August 202109:30 to 11:30Know the Rules and RegulationsClick here
Wed 25 August20219:30 to 11:30 Planning for business SuccesClick here

Masterclasses & Networking Events

Masterclasses are short but detailed one-hour sessions where you will receive useful information, advice and guidance from a subject matter expert. Covering a variety of topics relevant to starting up in business, these masterclasses are a natural complement to the core workshop sessions, and will help you on your way to becoming a successful entrepreneur.

Networking Events are short one-hour group sessions where Growth Hub clients can meet each other, discuss problems in common, and solve issues together. These sessions are facilitated by an expert business advisor, so you won’t be left to your own devices!

Masterclass & Networking Event Schedule

Please note that all masterclasses and networking events run from 6.30pm to 8.30pm on the dates specified. Dates and times for the networking events are still TBC.

DateSession TypeSession NameBooking Link
Mon 5 July 2021MasterClassMaking Social Media work for your BusinessClick here
Tue 6 July 2021MasterClassHow to Create Your First WebsiteClick here
Mon 26 July 2021MasterClassExploring Sources of Funding and FinanceClick here
Tue 27 July 2021MasterClassHow to use On-line Market Places to SellClick here
Thu 19 August 2021Master ClassHow to Create Your 1st WebsiteClick here
Mon 23 AugustMaster ClassMaking Social Media Work for Your BusinessClick here