If you are a business looking to find help with your IT and Digital needs then the Growth Hub is here to help you.  Are you getting the most from your broadband. Discover what the cloud is and how it can help your business. Cyber security is a major concern to the business world, make sure that your business is protected. If you want to do more online then there are resources to build a web site show you how to get started on social media or start an online shop.  If you are looking to start a digital business, the Digital Skills Academy can help. We have help with enabling  mobile working.Or Visit the IT & Digital Knowledge Centre to view a range useful information. The HEY LEP has the The Humber Digital Skills Partnership (DSP) which brings together public, private and education organisations to help increase the digital capability of individuals and organisations in the Humber.

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Click on “Browse all resources” below and you will find a list of local IT & Digital Organisations who provide a range of services.

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